Chimera Fancies

Wearable Fairy Tales

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This is the place to find chimerical fancies: little pieces of altered art...old fairy tales remade into new poems...wearable fairy tales.

Pendants are ceramic/mixed media. Old fairy tale books, once falling to bits, have been reborn as jewelry. Each is one of a kind and happens by chance, and will not be duplicated. Exceptions may be made for "Happily Ever After", "Once Upon A Time", "Always Winter Never Christmas" and other beloved standard fairy tale phrases.

There are now imitations, but don't be fooled...these are the originals, and sold only through Chimera Fancies! Highest attention is paid to crafting quality, so these are pieces that will last.

Some pendants may appear to have opaque material over the words. This is actually transparent metallic pigment and the words can be read clearly through the sheen. It generally photographs darker in color and much more opaque than it actually is.

*Comment to purchase and INCLUDE an email address where I can send an invoice
*Postage is included in price of pendant, U.S. or international first class mail. You can request priority mail or UPS and I will calculate the additional postage.
*I accept PayPal only at this time
*I can ship to a third party if pendant is a gift, and I will gift wrap

Photos of the pendants may be used as icons as long as they are not altered in any way (other than cropping) and are credited to me.