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Welcome to Bordertown sale

Welcome to Bordertown!

These pendants are made from an ARC of Welcome to Bordertown, the long awaited new anthology in the Bordertown universe! If you haven't been to Bordertown yet, go GET THIS BOOK ZOMG! Ahem.

There are 4 types here: ceramic, back-painted glass, metal with glass resin, and decoupaged wood dominoes. There will also be a small set of wooden hair ornaments.

As always, pieces are first requested, first served and must be purchased by EMAIL ONLY to chimerasale@gmail.com. Please email your list of choices and whether you want all or just first available choice. Postage is included in the price, unless you need them shipped to Outer Mongolia by overnight express. Then we'll talk...

That's it, this is all for this set! You'll notice that many of these are very book-specific, referencing the books or characters, so if you know fans you might want to direct them here -- or come back after you've gone and read the series! These will stay up until they are gone!

Lots of pictures here in the NeverNever...Collapse )
Saturday October 1st is the official release party for Seanan McGuire's newest (and utterly awesome) October Daye novel, One Salt Sea!

I'll be there as part of Seanan's Traveling Circus and Snake Handling Show, and I'll have a batch of One Salt Sea pendants with me to sell in person at the show. Some will also be raffled as door prizes!

If you've ever been to one of Seanan's book release parties, you know they are unlike any other author's book releases...they're kind of insane and completely a blast. There will be food, there will be music, there will be shinies!

Come join us Saturday at 5:00 pm at Borderlands Books, 866 Valencia St, San Francisco.

See you there, dahlings!

Shipping update

Howdy there.

As of today, all pendants that have been paid for have been shipped, minus one that was paid for today after I'd already gone to the post office and one that required an address confirmation.

I'm making a trip to the post office for those two tomorrow and will mail any that I receive payments for tonight or tomorrow morning. After that, nothing else will go out until after I get back from WorldCon.

I'm also going to be taking some leftover pendants from this and previous sales with me to the con, so if you're in Reno and wearing a pendant and someone likes it, tell them to come find me! And I hope if you're there you'll find me and say hello! I'll be the blonde with the pendants on -- wait, that sounds like Seanan. She's the long haired blonde with the pendants. I'm the short haired blonde with the pendants, and the Wicked Girls tattoo, and the Lost Girls tattoo. I'm kind of hard to miss. *g*


Mail, mail, mail

First batch of mailing (which translates as everything I can carry at one time) is off to the post office now. Next batch will be packed tonight!

Bordertown Lives!

If you're a fan of urban fantasy, you probably know about that place where magic and rock'n'roll meet, that place where elves and humans and Halfies make art and music and sometimes mayhem on the border between Faerie and the World. You probably already know about Bordertown.

If you don't, you should. I found it when I was in college, and I've wanted to find the way there ever since. And when Ellen Kushner and Holly Black announced a new Bordertown anthology, I finally found my road.

I was incredibly honored and delighted when I asked Ellen, Holly, and series creator Terri Windling if I could create pendants from an ARC of the new anthology, and they graciously gave me permission.

There are pendants that will appeal directly to long time B-town fans, and pieces that even those who haven't read the series will appreciate. If you haven't read Bordertown, you absolutely MUST get the new book. Start there, and then find the rest. Because B-town is magic, and much of the urban fantasy out there might not even exist without it.

I've had to delay this sale for a bit, unfortunately, but now it's time. I will be starting the Welcome to Bordertown sale on Monday, July 18th, at 11:00 a.m. PST.

Here's a preview of some of the pendants...see you Monday!




Mailing like a mailing thing

I have been to the post office 5 times since the sale, going with batches every couple of days as people have paid. With today's batch, everything that has been paid for has been mailed, with the exception of one piece that the buyer requested be mailed to the recipient closer to Christmas.

The last few things I am waiting for payment on will be mailed as I receive the moniez. Keep in mind that the closer we get to Christmas, the more slammed the Postal Service is, and the longer it will take from the time I mail it to the time you receive it...

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! <3



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